Toscanello Speciale

Toscanello Speciale

Toscanello Speciale represents the most authentic character of the original tradition of Toscano cigars, and offers a truly exquisite smoke in the style of handmade cigars. Toscano Speciale is a staple for Italian cigar aficionados who appreciate a practical solution for a daily smoke. Crafted with traditional Toscano cigar techniques, these cigars are popular among those who appreciate the robust flavor of reserve cigars.

History of Toscanello Speciale

Introduced in 1998, Toscanello Speciale is a small cigar that delivers a big flavor. The techniques used to craft the Tocanello Speciale are derived from the best traditions of Italian cigar making. The wrapper is made with premium American Kentucky tobacco that is smoked for over a month using aromatic woods to create a robust flavor. The filler is a blend of Italian Kentucky tobacco with cuts of the wrapper, and this balance of flavors creates the smokey characteristic so popular with lovers of strong smokes and classic cigars.

Characteristics of Toscanello Speciale

Toscanello Speciale is a strong smoke that offers the robust flavor you expect from an Italian cigar. The aroma highlights the aromatic wood used to cure the tobacco, and also contains notes of pepper. The flavor is robust and woody, and intensely bitter - a favorite among cigar aficionados in Italy. If you enjoy exclusive cigars, smoke with style with the elegant yet practical Toscanello Speciale.

Fact Box

Box Contents: 5 Ammezzato Cigars
Type: Half Cheroot
Strength: 4/5 Strong
Taste: Full-Bodied and Satiating
Aromas: Pepper, Aromatic Wood
Pairings: Espresso Coffee, Spirits, Red Wines, Dessert Wines
Storage Tips: 70% Humidity at 80F (26C)
Wrapper: American Kentucky
Filler: Blend of Italian and American Kentucky
Ring Gauge: 36
Release Year: 1998
Manufacturer Location: Lucca, Italy

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